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Why Hire a Professional Officiant?

Updated: Sep 1

Truly, I am always happy to answer this question! It is often an overlooked part of the planning process, especially when a couple becomes overwhelmed with the minutia that accompanies planning For Your Special Day. Let's examine a few of the details that your wedding officiant will bring to your event that you may or may not have even considered.

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  1. What type of ceremony do you see for yourselves? Will it be a Christian or other religious ceremony? Will it be reverent? Non-denominational? Light-hearted Humorous? Sweet? Solemn? Emotional? All of these things? Your pro will have suggestions and already knows ways to include what you want in your ceremony script.

  2. Do you want to include a reading in your ceremony? Here's a tip: this is a very sweet way to include family members in your ceremony in a lovely way! Especially one for whom you have not found any other way to include in your special day.

  3. Will you write vows to each other, or would you like to repeat after the officiant? Once more, your pro, like Marquee Officiant Services, llc, can craft a script that includes whatever you may wish here.

  4. Would you like to include a Unity Ceremony? This is a sort-of "mini-ceremony" within your ceremony that brings an endearing and solemn moment that you may wish to share and include in your ceremony with your friends, family and loved ones. Another tip: this is also a great way to include family members in your ceremony. Often parents are included here, showing that the marriage brings together more than just the two of you.

  5. How involved will you be in the creation of your ceremony script? This is a personal choice, too, since your wedding should be all about the two of you, and the words that will be forever a part of your ceremony, especially the vows you will say to each other.

  6. How will you want to be introduced once you are pronounced married?

  7. What about the details surrounding the marriage license? There are a few things think about and your professional can instruct you on these!

  8. You ask, "What about my Aunt Sue or Uncle Larry? She or he offered to officiate for me! And anyone can jump online and become ordained, right?" you really want to trust the overall tone and feeling of your special day to someone who may or may not have officiated a ceremony before? And are you going to ask family or friends to do all the other professional jobs, such as photography, florals, and cake-making, too?

Unless one of your friends or family are already a professional wedding vendor, I believe you are stating an emphatic "No!" to these questions. Truly, you want a professional cake and floral designer, professional photographer, videographer, dress or suit-maker, venue coordinator and a professional wedding officiant!

Want to learn more? Check out this article on IAPWO: Why Hire A Professional Officiant?

And it is my honor to assist you For Your Special Day! Allow Marquee Officiant Services, llc to grace your ceremony and leave the stress of these details to the pro!

Once again: congratulations on your engagement!

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