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Welcome to Marquee Weddings!

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

It's My Honor to Share with You - I am a Wedding Officiant

It's so good to have you here: have you considered hiring an officiant OR are you considering becoming a wedding officiant? Either way, I am honored and thrilled you are here!

There is nothing more thrilling, at least to me, than to join two people together in marriage: commitment to the one person most important in their lives, and the joy that ensues - so indescribable!

Minister or Officiant?

Is it minister or officiant, really? Listen, you can call yourself whatever you want, once ordained by a legally established non-profit ministry or church and registered to perform weddings wherever that may be. Note: more on this part of the job later.

It's A Beautiful Thing!

Totally hooked by day one, and never looking back. For me, once I discovered this awesome job, the feeling was - Wow! Why didn't I discover this earlier?

Let's Go!

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