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Steel Barn Event Venue


Michelle Todd here, owner of The Steel Barn Event Center.

I am asked often why I do what I do and my first thought is always "I LOVE LOVE". To meet couples, to actually see their love for one another, keeps me strong, encouraged, and motivated to be the best I can be for them. The second most question I get asked is what part do I love the most about weddings. My answer is "The Exit" which always gets a good laugh. But what I mean when I say that is the grand exit is something else that keeps my passion alive. The couple's private last dance, them running out the doors, everyone's smiling faces, the special wishes, the sigh of relief from the families that everything turned out great, the hugs we get when guests walk out the door, the friendships we make. Then going to bed later that night with a smile on my face knowing that I sent another couple off to their happily ever after. It is priceless! And for all of that, I am so thankful and blessed.

Looking forward to connecting and having you visit us for a tour to plan your event.


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