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JAG Photo & Video

Photography & Videography

Capturing raw emotion is what I am passionate about. I get to capture moments that will never happen again, and thats sooo freaking cool!! I am very thankful to have now captured over 400+ weddings all over the world!

I originally picked up my passion for photography at a young age. But I’ve learned it’s more about getting people to loosen up, have fun, and have communication and expectations set before the event.

We offer Unlimited time on the day of, with a 2-week turnaround on all of your photos. You also get the digital and print release on your photos, so print and share away!

We call our photo style “candid with direction”, meaning I will capture the candid moments as they unfold, but I will step in and give direction as needed.

We call our editing style True Tone, meaning we try to preserve the Vibrant, true-to-life colors in our photos. We also give you all of the B&W digital copies of any photo we think looks great as a B&W.

Our Highlight videos help capture the motions and sounds that photography just cannot do. One of the most touching moments was when a bride shared her video a year later, and she said that she had already lost 3 people since then. That video is how she listens to her dad's voice and sees the true glow in his face when he spun around in his wheelchair and saw her in her dress for the first time.

We are here to create Photos and Videos that are made to last. This is something that will be pulled out of the attic one day (or loading the online drive) and shown to the legacy of your family, what was. We look forward to documenting your forever story and reach out if you have any questions!


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